Calgary’s Electric Transit




March 29, 2010


Page 55 caption 4th line word should read semi-convertible.


Page 121 right column, paragraph 3, line 3 insert after“—Charles Comba on the latter’s retirement inAugust 1946, --“


Page 124 left column, paragraph 5, line 4, 5 and 6 shouldread: “In the fall of that year, September 1949, R.H. Wray becameTransit Superintendent succeeding C.V.F. Weir who terminated inAugust 1949.


Page 133 map inset top center 4th St. SE shouldread 4th St. SW.


Page 133 map the street extending below or south of 33rdAvenue SW in Altadore should be labelled20th St. SW.


Page 156 caption 3rd line last word should read Pengrowth.


Page 166 left caption, last word should read 174.


Page 165 right caption should read: Below: On September 3rd1981 --.


Page 163 caption 2nd line strike out words “wasunique to that vehicle and”.


Page 162 right column, 3rd paragraph, line 9should read Saturday May 30th.


Page 201 left caption, line 1 should read Above: Number 448is on route 3 at 8th Avenue --.


In writing the Acknowledgements the significant contributionof John F. Bromley was inadvertently omitted. John is a Toronto author andphotographer with a strong interest in rail transit. He is co-author of FiftyYears of Progressive Transit – A History of the Toronto TransitCommission and author of TTC ’28 - The Electric Railway Services of theToronto Transportation in 1928. His photographic byline appears inInternational and North American electric railway publications. He hasassembled a fine collection of street railway colourand black and white photos and shared some of his Calgary subjects for theenlightenment and enjoyment of readers of Calgary’s Electric Transit.


His own photographs of early LRT operations in Calgaryhelped to clarify the application of striping across the ends of the original LRVs. Most Calgary LRVs went intoservice with “V” stripes at each end. At the time of printing we were aware ofonly one LRV on the roster with stripes running straight across the ends. Notethe photo of LRV 2001 on page 163. John pointed out that the straight stripingacross the front of LRV 2001 was not unique to that vehicle. Indeed he has anin-service photo of LRV 2009 with straight striping across the front. His fieldnotes, however, indicate that trailing end of the same vehicle on the occasionof that photograph featured “V” stripes. We have also learned that LRV 2002 carried straight stripes across itsends. A photo of a damaged LRV 2002 appeared in the Calgary Herald of June 1,1981 illustrating the straight stripe. The text in the first paragraph on page163 may account for LRV 2009 bearing straight stripes in John Bromley’s photo.


Colin K. Hatcher and Tom Schwarzkopf

March 29, 2010.